Orion Camo Boosting

To purchase Orion boosting, there are no requirements. We will handle everything from the leveling, unlocking, and all camo boosting challenges.

During this boost, you will obtain Gold, platinum and Polyatomic for all 51 weapons found within Modern Warfare 2
You will also obtain all 51 weapons at max level

• 51 weapons and all attachments unlock;
• Golden Camo for every weapon;
• Platinum Camo for every weapon;
• Polyatomic Camo for every weapon;
• Orion Camo for every weapon;
• All Killstreaks and Field Upgrades unlock;

Some FAQs about unlocking the Orion Camo

Is this a legit service?

Yes! We do not use any cheats and all rewards are obtained via playtime and legit play. No cheats, hacks, or exploits ever!

Do you require access to my account to complete this?

Yes! We will require your login information in order to complete your order! We suggest changing your password before and after purchasing your boost. However, all boosters are contracted and will look after your account as their own.

How long will it take?

Obtaining Orion for all weapons shouldn’t take longer than a couple of weeks MAX – Our current estimate is around 2 weeks but please communicate with your booster on expectations and progression. They’re instructed to update you every step of the way to help you! If you have any concerns please reach out to live chat!

Do I need to do anything before purchasing Orion?

No! We will complete the entire weapon leveling process for you and all camo unlocks!

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