Gold Camo Boosting

Are you looking to obtain Gold Camo on your Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 weapons? Look no further, we have you covered! Select the number of weapons you are looking to obtain Gold on and then within the additional order notes you may write out which weapons you’re looking to get gold on or you can communicate directly with the booster that will complete your order and tell him exactly which weapons you would like your Gold camo to be unlocked on!

Some FAQs about unlocking gold

Do you require access to my account to complete this?

Yes! We will require your login information in order to complete your order! We suggest changing your password before and after purchasing your boost. However, all boosters are contracted and will look after your account as their own.

How long will it take?

Obtaining gold for a weapon shouldn’t take longer than 1 play session of a couple of hours maximum. However multiple weapons and a select few may take a little longer! If you have any concerns please ask livechat!

Do I need to of unlocked the weapon?

Unfortunately, we ask that you do have the weapon unlocked prior to purchasing it Gold. However, if you don’t have the weapon your looking for unlocked yet we do offer services that will unlock it for you! Please ask livechat for more information.

Do I need to level the weapon before purchasing Gold?

No! We will complete the entire weapon leveling process for you! Just choose your weapon and await your spoils!

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