Color of Speed Sparrow Boosting

Guardian Games is back and with It returns and brings the new yearly exotic sparrow this time its “The Color of Speed”  that is being sold at Eva Lavante. The sparrow is not available to purchase at the launch of guardian games and instead has to be earned throughout depositing “Class Points” this is by going up to the podium and depositing those medals you have earned through your time playing Guardian Games. Guardian games is an Olympic-style event but held in Destiny. This limited-time event has each class that we have played with for years go head to head. The hunters, titans, and warlocks fight it out to be the winners of this yearly held event. The winners will have their statue held in the tower for the remainder of the year holding their glory over the other classes! This new exotic sparrow comes with the guardian games color scheme and the exotic status that allows the guardians to see that you mastered the new event when riding around. The sparrow itself is unique as it hasn’t ever been in the game before making it one of the rarest sparrows with it being locked behind a long grind, purchasing your Color of Speed boost today will allow you to acquire exotic sparrow adding it to your personal collection. Unlocking the exotic sparrow entails doing a long quest that involves collecting laurels which are a class-specific drop for killing enemies of the light by using abilities and your super to progress the quest. This year also entails completing as many medals as possible so that you may bank them at the podium. Last year Titans won the guardian games and Zavala had the golden titan statue next to him for the whole year. This includes Word Class Point Scorer Triumph!


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