Whisper of the Worm Boosting


What You Will Get

With a purchase of this boost, you will obtain the craftable version of the Whisper of the Worm via completion of the reprised “The Whisper” mission with the release of “Into the Light”
Choose from a selection of options and play with or play for options.

What Does It Do?

The Whisper of the Worm exotic sniper rifle typically has the following perks:

White nail – Higher base precision damage. Rapidly landing three precision hits will refill the magazine.
Polygonal Rifling
Accurized Rounds
Mulligan – Missing a shot has a chance to return ammo directly to the magazine.

Whisper Catalyst also granted it the following abilities – Upgrades this weapon to a Masterwork. It will generate Orbs on multikills and can be upgraded to provide additional stats and perks. This weapon will also gain a tracker that displays the number of enemies defeated by using it. Obtain Blighted Essence from “The Whisper (Heroic)” to unlock this upgrade.

When the weapon returns it will be completely customizable and you will be able to select which barrel, magazine & main perk you would like it to be equipped with.

Where Does It Come From?

With the new update called “Into the Light” bringing with it returning old infamous exotic missions called “Zero Hour” and “The Whisper” those missions will also be their respective exotic weapons. Outbreak Prime and Whisper of the Worm. Both of these weapons will become craftable and have a selection of new and returning perks. The exotic mission for The Whisper of the Worm is located on IO an old planet from the Vanilla of D2. It begins with a short jumping puzzle which has hidden chests throughout. Bungie also mentioned that those secret chests will not be in the same location they once were so original players of the mission will have to do some exploring. It will be interesting to see if the old Vault of Glass easter egg still exists in the mission also.

Start and Completion Time

After placing your order, it will start roughly within the initial 12 hours after the purchase;
The completion time will vary from order to order as you may have a larger quantity or smaller. Leading to faster or longer completion times.

Requirements Needed Prior To order Placement:

Meet the minimum required light level to launch the activity
IF a higher difficulty is selected (Typically Master or equivalent) please reach the minimum required light level for that difficulty
Have access to The Whisper Mission
Any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to Live chat

How It Works?

1. Once you place your order, your order will be assigned to a professional booster.
2. Next, you will be contacted via SMS / Email to establish a start time for your boost.
3. If you choose Self-Play option, your booster will plan the service according to your time schedule.
4. No waiting or unnecessary chatting with managers or admins unless you have any questions.
5. When the order will be finished, you will again be notified via SMS / Email.
6. Tell us your feedback by leaving a review and receiving 10% off for your next purchase.

We do not use any programs or cheats during boosts. All services are done by hand and contracted boosters. Feel free to ask any questions in our chat. We are glad to help you, and our live chat support will always find you the best service and fair price for your boost.

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