Warlord’s Ruin Boosting


What You Will Get

Chance to get Buried Bloodline, Exotic Sidearm
Exclusive emblem after completing Warlords Ruin for the first time or flawless solo
Pinnacle Legendary Dungeon rewards drops (RNG)
Warlords Ruin weapon and armor drops (RNG)
Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level
All other rewards and resources that may drop during the run

What Does It Do?

Season of the Wish Dungeon is filled with some of the best Endgame loot that every Guardian would want in their collection.
The loot includes:

A Strand bow
Strand Rapid fire sniper
NEW: Rocket-powered arc sidearm
Strand Caster Frame Sword
NEW: Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm

Where Does It Come From?

You’ll begin your Dungeon run on a mountainside in the EDZ which you’ll need to climb to get to the first encounter, simply look for, and follow, the red flags scattered across the mountainside to reach a suspended bridge.

The Warlord’s Ruin dungeon has three bosses. One Scorn, One taken ogre and the final Ahamkara dragon.

The first one you will come across is the Scorn Boss. This is the first encounter in the warlord’s ruin dungeon. The first encounter of the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon is quite simple in terms of mechanics and serves the purpose of teaching the player how to activate and, most importantly, extend a damage phase. You will have to activate the iron lanterns that he drops every few seconds. They look exactly like the ones the normal Scorn majors throw at you, only this time there’s a blight in the middle and a white circle on the ground. Stand inside the white circle for 15 seconds to cleanse the lantern to activate it. The more you can activate before the timer runs out the longer the upcoming damage phase is going to last & therefore increasing the amount of damage you can deal to the first broken knight of fikrul. During this fight, you’ll get teleported to a prisoner’s cage that’s suspended above the arena. To get out look for three Taken eyes surrounding the cage and shoot them to free yourself. Repeat this until you complete the encounter.

After the fight, you will be teleported to a prison cell where you must solve a puzzle.
There are six dials in the prison puzzle that spin when you shoot them. You must have some spinning clockwise and others spinning anti-clockwise. Look for the skeletons on the ground with the tally marks. The number of marks indicates the number of dials that must be spinning a certain direction. The white tally marks explain how many clocks need to go clockwise and how many need to go anti-clockwise.

The 2nd encounter, the taken ogre boss fight is very simple. To complete it you must do the following:

  1. Shoot the Acolyte Eye to start the encounter
  2. Destroy all Acolyte Eyes to summon the Broken Knights
  3. Nullify the Taken totems the Broken Knights create (defeat them if you want)
  4. When the Imminent Wish timer ends, take the Solar Charges and deposit them in the braziers
  5. Repeat the above steps until all four braziers are alight
  6. Deal damage to the boss while standing near one brazier until it is extinguished and then go to another
  7. Repeat the whole processYou will then make your way to the 3rd and final encounter where you will fight Hefnd’s Vengeance, Blighted Chimaera.
    Here is the guide on how to take on this fight.
  8. Destroy the Taken Blight to start the fight
  9. Destroy the Acolyte Eyes around the boss to spawn the Broken Knights that summon the Taken totems
  10. Stand near the Taken totems to turn them into Stasis totems
  11. Melee Corrupted Hex-Drinkers to give them Hex of Vengeful Corruption (don’t let them tag you back)
  12. When the Imminent Wish expires, deal damage to the boss
  13. Repeat the process or jump up to the next area (anti-clockwise) and do the steps again
  14. At the top of the arena, stand on one island and deal damage to the boss
  15. Jump to another island when the boss moves location and continue the damage phase
  16. Repeat all the steps until the boss reaches the last chunk of health
  17. Keep damaging the boss until it dies – there is no time limitNOTE: Destroying the boss’ Acolyte Eyes extends the damage phase

Start and Completion Time

After placing your order, it will start roughly within the initial 12 hours after the purchase;
The completion time will vary from order to order as you may have a larger quantity or smaller. Leading to faster or longer completion times.

Requirements Needed Prior To order Placement:

Access to the Season of the Wish Dungeon
1790+ Power Level for Legend Completion and 1810+ Power Level for Solo Flawless or master Completion

How It Works?

1. Once you place your order, your order will be assigned to a professional booster.
2. Next, you will be contacted via SMS / Email to establish a start time for your boost.
3. If you choose Self-Play option, your booster will plan the service according to your time schedule.
4. No waiting or unnecessary chatting with managers or admins unless you have any questions.
5. When the order will be finished, you will again be notified via SMS / Email.
6. Tell us your feedback by leaving a review and receiving 10% off for your next purchase.

We do not use any programs or cheats during boosts. All services are done by hand and contracted boosters. Feel free to ask any questions in our chat. We are glad to help you, and our live chat support will always find you the best service and fair price for your boost

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