Warden Title Boosting

Titles are unique words in Destiny 2 that can be unlocked by achieving a seal that allows you to optionally display the title above your guardian’s head when you are in-game, showing off your accomplishments to everyone. A seal can be earned by completing triumphs, quests, and challenges, which can be extremely difficult for average players. Each seal brings a unique title along with it, and there are dozens of seals in the game right now. Bungie will introduce a couple more in the new expansion named Beyond Light of Destiny 2. Warden is one of the titles that will be available in the upcoming update of Destiny 2.


Bungie introduced the new seals on their official Bungie Store just before the launch of the new update. The Warden seal introduced on Bungie’s Store has a season logo, which means you can unlock it by completing Seasonal Triumphs/Exotic Quests during Season of the Hunt. Bungie has a system that allows you to purchase specific items in the store only after you achieve certain milestones in-game. And now, when you earn a seal in-game, you unlock the ability to purchase a real seal from the Bungie store. You can use Warden Title Boosting to unlock the seals in-game, which will allow you to bring your in-game accomplishments into the real world.


You can achieve some titles with less effort, but some titles are much harder to earn than others because they may rely on time-gated triumphs. But once you get them, they can be all the more worthwhile such as you can choose to show off the crucible title “Unbroken” to intimidate opposing players, and Warden Title Boosting can help you unlock the Warden title.

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