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The Touch of Malice is the must have scout rifle for the completion of King’s Fall. The catch to this, is to get the weapon, you must complete the King’s Fall raid to get the weapon itself.
The quest will take you all over the dreadnaught on a quest to get various fragments, and completing many other quest steps.
Needless to say, this quest can take quite a bit of time. Should you find yourself overwhelmed by everything required of this quest, feel free to reach out to us, and we’d be happy to help whether you need the entire quest, or only certain steps involved in its completion.


Shattered Past

Meet Eris Morn in the Hall of Guardians in the Tower, and she will give you the “Shattered Past” quest. You must recover 5 Calcified Fragments, which are found on the Dreadnaught. Once you’ve found the 5 fragments, return to the Tower and speak to Eris once more.

You’ll then have to get 15 Calcified Fragments, upon completion return to Eris to get the next step in your quest.

Hunger Pangs

Kill Bracus, a Taken Centurion in the Salt Mines in Bunker War-4. Upon Completion of this quest, return to Eris Morn and claim your reward

The old hunger

In order to activate the next step in the quest for the Touch of Malice you will need to go into the raid for the first time, you don’t need to play it. Return to Eris Morn in the Hall of Guardians in the Tower and speak to her. When you speak to her she will give you the quest “The Old Hunger,” which requires you to recover the Blade of Famine from the Warpriest, Shroud of Ir Anuk from the Deathsingers and The Ravenous Heart from Oryx.

Collect 25 Wormspore, 50 Hadium Flakes and 50 Weapon Parts. The Wormspore and Hadium Flakes can be found in the Dreadnaught. After giving Eris the items, she will offer you an Antiquated Rune, and then you’ll need to collect 30 more calcified fragments.

Hunger pangs

The next step requires you to enter The Undying Mind Strike and kill a special Taken Knight, Morgath, Lore-Keeper, who’s located at the very end of the strike. Once you kill Morgath, return to Eris in the Tower where she will reward you with a Stolen Rune.

Collect 45 Calcified Fragments.

Speak to Eris, and she will give you the final part of the Hunger Pangs quest. The Fear’s Embrace mission on Phobos is the last piece of the puzzle. This step requires you to kill a Taken Wizard, Mar-Zik, the Blightcaller, that spawns when Echo of Oryx has almost been defeated. Once again, return to Eris after killing Mar-Zik.

Speak to Eris in the Tower and she will have the Touch of Malice for you.

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