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With the highly anticipated expansion of Destiny 2: Beyond Light dropping in November, more and more information regarding the new update is being brought into the limelight. To keep the hype going, Bungie dropped their new “ViDoc,” which is a video preview of a bunch of new content coming along with the update. The most exciting unveil was, when the studio spoke about the new strike launching along with Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion. Bungie also revealed their new roadmap for the next few months along with their “ViDoc,” which showed one of the most important events called the Glassway Strike. The update drops on 10th of November, and the strike opens right along with it on the same date.

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The Glassway Strike, as the name suggests, is going to be an island made of living glass. For a long time was speculated that the Europa strike would be called Tomb of the Dead Star, but the name was revealed to be The Glassway. Not much has been revealed regarding the strike the only information about the Glassway we have is Clovis Bray describing one of the ‘artificial worlds’, that he and his team travelled to through the Vex portal and came across a realm with a large blue star. He described it as the ruins made of shattered living glass. He also mentioned a shattered tower there that may have a connection with the darkness so perhaps the players will be investigating that in the strike.

So, overall, the Glassway Strike is going to be a relatively cool experience as the community will finally be introduced to brand new and unique location not to mention the rewards that one will get from there are also still a mystery. That all combined will make The Glassway Strike Boosting very popular as it will make sure the players get their rewards as soon as possible.

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