The Swarm Boosting

The beyond light expansion has been among the finest events that took place throughout the Destiny franchise in terms of gameplay and revamped content. Notably, it is unfair to discuss the expansion without mentioning the arrival of The Swarm yet again. There are no doubt players remember the impact this weapon had in the past in pumping massive DPS burst alongside its popular perks.  This legendary machine gun also offers options to dismantle in order to produce materials for various upgrade purposes. The Swarm can either be recovered randomly after meeting certain criteria or pay a visit to the Vanguard Questmaster that sells this weapon in the Tower.

The Swarm Boosting

Although the Swarm is an excellent weapon in itself, specific circumstances bring out the full potential of this weapon. When you pair it alongside a damage-buff effect that enhances void damage or the exotic Tractor Cannon, it increases its DPS capacity by leaps and bounds. When it comes to this weapon’s perks, the most impactful has to be the Spike Grenades, which deal considerably more damage upon hitting shots directly. Another notable perk could be the Field Trip that offers deeper ammo reserves to the weapon. Overall, The Swarm is a decent choice as a grenade launcher as more players are starting to pay attention to its specs and overall potential.

The Swarm Boosting

If you are becoming interested in getting your hands on the Swarm, reward packages offer this weapon from Lord Saladin in exchange for Iron Banner tokens. The odds of this weapon dropping are not 100%, but you will be able to have this weapon in your inventory after spending enough tokens. Players can earn these tokens by playing Iron Banner and complete the bounties that grant coins.

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