Posterity Boosting

The Beyond Light expansion of Destiny 2 went live last month, and it introduced the newest raid of the game, among other exciting stuff. The latest raid known as the Deep Stone Crypt is the eighth raid in the history of Destiny 2 and is located on Europa. In the new raid, six guardians tasked with a mission of hunting down and defeating the final remaining Fallen elites are dropped onto Europa. The Deep Stone Crypt offers unique and top tier perks on raid exclusive weapon drop and can drop four pinnacle rewards. One of these weapons is the Posterity Hand Cannon, which is part of the 180 RPM archetype.


Posterity Boost

Posterity more or less seems like the reincarnation of the badass hand cannon Not Forgotten, which means Posterity deserves a chance even if you hate 180 RPM Hand Cannons. One of the perks that come with the Posterity is called “genesis,” which reloads your magazine when you break the enemy’s shield. Furthermore, Raid specific weapons are unique as a lot can enhance these weapons’ capabilities since they come with what is known as God Rolls. The rolls that Posterity offers are so good that if you manage to get the right perks, such as if the Rampage is coupled with Whisper of Hedrons or High-Energy Fire, it can stand toe-to-toe with Pinnacle weapons.

Posterity Carry

You can get this weapon from the chest that appears after they beat the Deep Stone Crypt boss. Apart from that, there are also two hidden chests in the Deep Stone Crypt. These chests reward spoils of conquest or raid loot upon picking them up and a chance to get an exclusive raid item that includes the Posterity. Finally, if you have enough spoils of conquest, then you can purchase the randomly rolled piece of loot from the small vendor to get a chance to win the Posterity.

Posterity Carries and recovery

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