Pit of Heresy Boosting

Pit of Heresy is the second dungeon and resides on Destiny 2 Moon. It was a component of the 2019 Lost Festival inside the Shadowkeep Extension. Pit of Heresy is where it is possible to obtain the Exotic gun, Xenophage, via the quest Emergence.


The Shadowkeep DLC is necessary before starting the Pit of Heresy in order to commence the initial quest to access the dungeon. The quest The Deepening Wake needs to be accomplished to activate Pit of Heresy.


Once you step into the Pit of Heresy, you must have the Power Level 940. It is not an optional necessity, so make sure you and your Fireteam have whatever needed in respect of the gear. Bear it in mind when preparing your loadouts, because you will be battling the Hive. The dungeon’s essence is primarily runic puzzles.


Head to the Harbor on Moon of Sorrow and study the activities of the Hive that are occurring inside. At the Altars of Sorrow, you should check for and open a Tier 3 + box. Keep on the lookout and always stay alert to fight the Nightmares in Sorrow’s Altars at any moment.


When engaging in the public event, Altars of Sorrow, the quest allows you to fight Nightmares. Altars of Sorrow is not significantly different from the open event, Escalation Protocol, in the context of beating enemy waves with goals to accomplish like defeating bosses. When three levels of Altars of Sorrow are complete, chests surface that comprises of rewards.


Someone can differentiate nightmares from standard enemies by having an orange aura surrounding them. Typically, Nightmares often have vast quantities of health and do much more harm than regular enemies. Go to Eris Morn afterward, and trigger the dungeon. Finishing the Pit of Heresy Dungeon of Destiny 2 Pit will grant you with an item of Pinnacle gear.


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