Oryx Checkpoint Boosting


What You Will Get

You will receive your selected amount of Oryx kills.
This is a checkpoint service
Your booster will sign in and complete your order for your selected amount of Oryx kills. On your first Oryx kill of the week afterwards at the reward chest, you may purchase a deep sight or pattern weapon to unlock or progress within your patterns to craft at the enclave. You can request your booster to purchase a weapon of your choice in the order notes at checkout or via SMS when the booster contacts you.
On each kill, you also have the chance to obtain the Exotic Scout rifle, Touch of Malice.

What Does It Do?

The Touch of Malice has a small chance (believed to be around 5% per looted Oryx kill per week) to drop each time you defeat Oryx. It has 2 Exotic perks. The first perk is called “Touch of Malice” and the final round in the magazine deals bonus damage, drawing from the wielder’s life force, and then regenerates itself. Also rapidly defeating 3 targets will begin health regeneration. This is very similar to the D1 counterpart of Touch of Malice as it does the same thing just doesn’t have the health regeneration. The second exotic perk that has been added is called “Charged with Blight” this perk states that precision hits will drain combatants’ life force and then charge up a ball of darkness. Holding reload will fire a large blight projectile towards your combatants (similar to what taken captains use) and causing them to take more damage and become blinded.

Where Does It Come From?

The whole idea of Touch of Malice (lore) is that the heart of Oryx is actually stored within and used to power the weapon. Each kill feeds Oryx’s heart allowing him to live on within the weapon itself.

Start and Completion Time

After placing your order, it will start roughly within the initial 12 hours after the purchase;
The completion time will vary from order to order as you may have a larger quantity or smaller. Leading to faster or longer completion times.

Requirements Needed Prior To order Placement:

Access to King’s fall raid
No checkpoint required

How It Works?

1. Once you place your order, your order will be assigned to a professional booster.
2. Next, you will be contacted via SMS / Email to establish a start time for your boost.
3. If you choose Self-Play option, your booster will plan the service according to your time schedule.
4. No waiting or unnecessary chatting with managers or admins unless you have any questions.
5. When the order will be finished, you will again be notified via SMS / Email.
6. Tell us your feedback by leaving a review and receiving 10% off for your next purchase.

We do not use any programs or cheats during boosts. All services are done by hand and contracted boosters. Feel free to ask any questions in our chat. We are glad to help you, and our live chat support will always find you the best service and fair price for your boost.

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