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Crota is returning in Destiny 2’s new reprised raid. Crota’s End Raid release date, start time, potential exotic weapon, and power cap.

A significant new piece of content—a new reprised raid—will be released this week as part of Season of the Witch (Season 22) of Destiny 2. This Friday, September 1, Crota’s End, which initially debuted in The Dark Below, the first expansion for Destiny, will be added to Destiny 2.

In the original Destiny timeline, Crota—the Hive prince who slaughtered hundreds of Guardians during the horrific fight on the Moon that became known as The Great Disaster—rose once again, prompting the Vanguard to approve a new operation to finally end him. Players of Destiny 2 will be able to go back in time to certain raids known as “reprise raids,” and in this raid, the Guardians will engage in a crucial conflict once again.

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We’ve included all the information about this recurring raid below, including its launch time, Power requirements, and Contest Mode specifics. It’ll be a sprint to the end for one fireteam to win bragging rights, glory, and a beautiful wrestling belt are on the line.

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Contest Mode specifics
Clearing the raid is the first need to obtain access to this raid’s Challenge Mode, which won’t be available for the first 48 hours. Additionally, it will make it possible for fireteams to start working on the unique Superior Swordplay Triumph, which includes tasks for every conflict. A fireteam must successfully complete a selected set of obstacles in the Challenge Mode in order to achieve the Superior Swordplay victory.

Every Crota’s End encounter will have a World First fireteam that completes it first, and they will also get Crota’s End World First raid belts to commemorate their triumph.

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In order to maintain a high standard of difficulty for the launch event achievements, Bungie claims that it has also implemented the following improvements to Contest Mode:

boosted the player outgoing damage cap for opponents. Remember that the incoming damage limit remained unchanged.
There will be some adversaries with elemental shielding.
The adversaries will all be more hostile than they were in the last Contest Mode.
According to Bungie, adversaries in Crota’s End will be far more aggressive and have stronger shields, health, and shield penetration.

Power level necessary
To reach the Contest Mode threshold for the raid, you must have 1790 Power. In light of the fact that Bungie hasn’t increased the power ceiling in Destiny 2 for two seasons, if you’ve been playing the game consistently since Lightfall, you’ve probably already met and exceeded this criterion.

Rewards from Crota’s End and an exotic weapon
Crota’s End armor and weaponry haven’t yet been made public, although Bungie has reused gear from the first Destiny and Destiny 2 raids. If this trend continues, the raid is expected to drop weapons like Word of Crota, Fang of Ir Yut, and Oversoul Edict. The auto rifle Necrochasm, which was dropped by the King’s Fall repeated raid when it initially debuted last year, is a likely candidate for the Exotic weapon slot.

Cursebringer, a feature exclusive to Necrochasm in Destiny, enables kills with the weapon to set off explosions like that of a Cursed Thrall detonation.

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