Looking to obtain Gold Camo on your Assault Rifles within Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2? Get your boost today! 

To obtain Gold camo within Modern Warfare 2 you will have to complete all of the other camos for your selected weapon. For Assault Rifles, there are 10 weapons that are available to get gold weapons with the release of MW2. The following weapons are: 

STB 556
Kastov 762
Kastov 545

Completing all available challenges for any of the selected weapons will reward you with the Gold camo and make it available for your selected weapon. In recent Call of Duty games you have had to max out your weapon level to gain access to all the weapon challenges. In previous years you have also had to do challenges of all kinds. Camo challenges such as mounted kills, crouch and prone kills. Longshots and 5 kill streaks. No attachments and a maximum amount of attachments on each weapon have previously been challenges you have had to complete to obtain camos. The other challenges have also been to just get simple kills and headshots with each weapon. Obtaining gold camo within multiplayer has changed many times over the years it is now treated as a mastery camo for completing all the challenges with your selected weapon. However, you used to be able to straight up purchase gold camo for any weapon in games such as Black ops 1. 

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