Forerunner Exotic Boosting

The name of the Destiny 2 Forerunner exotic weapon should pique the interest of any Halo fan. Following the launch of the Bungie 30th Anniversary update, the Magnum from Halo is now available as an exotic sidearm in Destiny 2, albeit under a different name. The Forerunner it is named in Destiny and is a clear homage to the Halo: Combat Evolved Magnum, one of the greatest weapons in video game history. In Destiny 2 the forerunner uses Special ammo and has two noteworthy perks.

The 2 Exotic Sidearm perks are the following:

Pace Yourself is Forerunner’s intrinsic perk and gives the weapon more accuracy and less recoil when you tap the trigger.

Full Stop gives Forerunner extended range and higher damage rounds. It can be fired in full auto and deals increased precision damage to unshielded targets.

Forerunner also has an Exotic Catalyst which requires you to do Xur level-ups. (Strange favour rank) The Exotic Catalyst grants a new perk called “The Rock”, which allows players to spend reserve ammo after a kill to transform their next grenade into a Halo-style frag grenade, overlapping their current equipped grenade. Players are using this halo themed frag to “grenade jump” around the map or to simply use it as an aggressive grenade, allowing for a 1 shot with perfect placement.
Even better, it’s available to everyone not just those who purchased the anniversary DLC pack. Allowing all Destiny players to acquire the weapon as it is earned through a quest acquired by xur.

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