Fatebringer Boosting

Fatebringer Boosting

With the November launch of the Beyond Light expansion, Destiny 2 is now officially in its Year 4, and with that, one of the most exciting news for the coming year is the inevitable release of the Vault of Glass raid. Ever since the Vault of Glass raid announcement by Bungie, the biggest question community had revolved around the weapons such as the Fatebringer. Bungie answered that question, stating that weapons won’t necessarily be one to one copies of the old weapons. Still, they are putting in work to recreate these weapons while also making sure the player experience remains as similar to the original versions as possible.


That said, Fatebringer was an iconic hand cannon introduced in the first year of Destiny 1. It became immensely popular due to its nasty perk combo between firefly and outlaw, which made it a weapon of choice for notorious players. In addition to that, in Destiny 1, there was an adept version of Fatebringer, which dealt bonus damage and had other attribute advantages over the standard version. While players could obtain the standard version by defeating The Templar Boss, the adept version dropped as a random drop from completing any of the challenges in the 390 Light version of Vault of Glass.


Additionally, Blackburn, the Assistant game director of Destiny 2, himself name-checked Fatebringer, stating that they are updating some of the weapons’ perks while also staying faithful to the original version of the weapon. He also said that Bungie aims at recreating almost similar recoil patterns and perks of the weapon versions that are to be released in Destiny 2. He further reassured that they would not make a new version of Fatebringer that feels radically different from the original, believing that it would be equivalent to lying to the players.

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