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Titles are unique purple coloured words in Destiny 2 that you can optionally display above your head, showing off your accomplishments to everyone by achieving a seal. Players can earn these titles by completing a series of triumphs, challenges, quests, or campaigns that are either time-consuming or incredibly difficult for the average player. There are dozens of titles in Destiny 2, some more difficult than others.

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There are also some more sought after than others due to the difficulty obtaining them. This season Bungie is bringing out two more new seals. The other being Splicer and The most sought after this season will be the Vault of Glass seal, named Fatebreaker. With the return and release of Vault of Glass players across destiny will be diving straight in to return to their favourite raid or rather experience it for the first time, while doing so they may also begin to complete the new triumphs which are required for the new seal.

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Every title is prestigious in its own right, but not every title is created equal. Some titles are much harder to earn than others, whether that’s due to time gated triumphs or the activity itself being hard to excel in, but that is all justified because you can get real life rewards such as a Jacket and seals by achieving certain milestones in-game. You can get all these rewards using Fatebreaker Title Boosting, which is the most reliable method to acquire these rewards. The Vault is waiting for the challengers to return and take on the Templar, Gorgons, and Atheon, time’s conflux. Don’t miss out on your chance to earn the brand new Fatebreaker seal with GuardianBoost today and also receive countless raid rewards as your booster runs through numerous challenges in pursuit of your new seal!

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