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Ex Diris is an arc light grenade launcher that can be located in the energy slot in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch. Lucent moths are the new Hive-themed weapon that is included in this expansion.Ex Diris shoots Arc projectiles that convert into enemy-seeking moths, blinding enemies in the process. It also automatically fills the magazine from reserves, decreasing the need to reload the weapon.Players need to fulfill a task given by Banshee-44 in the Tower in order to get their hands on the Ex Diris Catalyst. This objective involves destroying several targets in a short amount of time, calibrating data, and defeating targets with Ex Diris itself. For Arc builds, the Catalyst amplifies the enrage effect that the weapon already has.
In Destiny 2, the incorporation of lucent moths into a guardian’s arsenal was an event that was just a matter of time. Ex Diris is an arc light grenade launcher that can be found in the energy slot. It is the newest and grittiest weapon with a Hive-themed aesthetic, and it is also the seasonal weapon for Season of the Witch.

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The launcher releases small Arc projectiles that transform into enemy-seeking moths, which in turn causes enemies to become blinded. It also has the capability to automatically replenish the magazine from reserves, which means that players will have to reload their weapons less often overall. Its Intrinsic characteristic is called Corrupted Nucleosynthesis, and it increases its rate of fire whenever it does damage or whenever the player suffers damage. This state is also referred to as “enraged.” After completing the task in Destiny 2, players will get the Catalyst for Ex Diris, which will further modify the angered impact.

Ex Diris carries

Destiny 2 Grenade Logic Quest Step 1
After claiming the Ex Diris grenade launcher from the seasonal pass, Banshee-44 will have a quest waiting for the player in the Tower. Speak with him to pick up the Grenade Logic quest. Here’s what each three steps of the quest entails.
Destiny 2 Grenade Logic Quest Step 2

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Step 1: Defeat multiple targets rapidly and defeat targets without dying. This can be done with or without using the Ex Diris.
  • 20 rapid multikills
  • 25 kills without dying

Ex Diris account Recovery

Step 2: Calibrate data and defeat targets with the Ex Diris. Make sure to get these kills with the weapon itself. Calibration needs to happen in activities like Vanguard ops, Crucible modes, Gambit, or seasonal activities.
  • 200 calibration data
  • Targets defeated
Step 3: Head back to Banshee-44 in the Tower.
  • The gunsmith will grant you the Ex Diris Catalyst.
Once players have the Catalyst, it needs to be upgraded in order for Masterwork to become available. Ex Diris requires 400 kills for the Catalyst to unlock for the weapon itself. Make sure to put on Special ammo finders for this one to make the grind a little bit more bearable.
What The Ex Diris Catalyst Does Ex Diris account Recovery
Destiny 2 Ex Diris Grenade Launcher
  • Berserk Rush: Ex Diris becomes enraged at a quicker rate if the player is Amplified. Final blows grant Amplified to the player.


Ex Diris has some synergy with Amplified as a result of the Catalyst, which makes it considerably more friendly with Arc builds than it already was. Whenever players activate Amplified, it becomes more simpler for them to get the enrage status effect, and they may keep reactivating this status effect by simply racking up additional kills. Even while the weapon itself isn’t the greatest or the strongest Arc grenade launcher available, this is still a highly potent tool for Arc builds, and it should be used whenever possible. Regardless, the Catalyst is an excellent purchase that is well worth the effort.