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The Devil’s Lair classifies as the Level 8 Strike in the Destiny franchise, which provides for a thrilling adventure filled with fearsome adversaries. The world of Devil’s Lair puts the Guardians into the depths of the Fallen House of Devils lair. The Strike takes place as an extension to the guest Nothing Left but the Fall in the lands of Old Russia, Earth. This activity’s end goal is to bring down Sepiks Prime, none other than the Prime Servitor of the House of Devils. After the introduction of the Rise of Iron expansion, the Strike received a massive overhaul with the addition of Splicer enemies as well as the final boss getting replaced with Sepiks Perfected. Many Destiny fans describe it as a tiresome yet satisfactory experience, marking for an anticipated and epic addition in the world of Destiny 2.

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The Devil’s Lair Strike requires a Fireteam of Guardians to deal with the Hive and Fallen opponents, whether it be underground or above through Old Russia. These fearsome opponents are responsible for guarding Sepiks Prime and also impose a considerable challenge for the players. There are no shortcuts to reaching Sepiks, and one must continue battling from beginning to the end inside the lair before reaching the common end goal. The objective is none other than weakening the House of Devils’ defenses by eliminating Sepiks, all the while cutting their advances towards the Last City.

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When it comes to taking out the resurrected Prime Servitor in the Devil’s Lair Strike, one must find the Devil’s Lair and seize control of the Refinery by defeating the foes. Then players must battle against the horde of charging adversaries for few minutes as the Ghost hacks into the Laser in the meantime. Afterward, tread deeper into the lair and search for Sepiks Perfected while taking down the Devil Splicers guarding him. It will make you eligible to battle against the Prime Servitor, Sepiks Perfected.

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