Deadeye Gilded Seal Boosting

Bungie has added a new seal to Destiny 2 with the new, season of the lost. Called “Deadeye” This is likely the leaked “Weapons Master” Seal we have been hearing about recently (towards the end of the season of the splicer) – Currently launched with a bugged Triumph as you cannot seem to get headshots on the Wyvern enemies. Some people have found a way around the bug and a way to gild it early! The seal has you using every single weapon type the game has to offer, from Bow’s to fusion rifles to hand cannons, the new seal has you mastering them all! The new title is also available to guild. Allowing you to show off your mastery of Destiny’s weapon types each season. The “Ritual of the season” triumph, is the current triumph that allows you to bypass the current bug on the “Sweet spotter” triumph allowing you to begin guilding the Deadeye seal earlier than usual. This way you don’t need to wait for Bungie or an update to fix the seal itself. 50 triple kills with a rocket launcher are all you need to bypass the bug.

The Triumphs needed to guild the seal are:

-Weapon Flair
-Weapon Focus
-Three Birds, Three Stones
-Ritual of The Season
-Season’s Greetings

Some of these triumphs will have you playing different modes and using different weapons! Order today and get your gilded seal today!

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