Compass Rose Shotgun Boosting

Solstice of Heroes is back! Solstice of Heroes is a limited-time Live Event that celebrates the achievements of Guardians. The Solstice of Heroes event offers armour that needs to be powered up through a series of activities – increasing its level to max power, and giving you an armour set that can be upgraded to the power cap. You can work on earning your upgraded armor pieces for your Warlock, Hunter, and Titan. There is also a new weapon that you can acquire via Solstice of hero packages. To get the new weapon, you need to unlock and open these packages by making your way over to the European Aerial Zone, the EAZ which is a timed event to which you race to kill as many bosses as possible in a short amount of time. After that, you get another short time period to find the same number as the boss kills you amounted up turns into a number of chests scattered around the EAZ. Opening these chests can reward you with Solstice key fragments and Solstice chests. (The Solstice Package is a white box with a purple background.) These chests will reward the new weapons that are dropping throughout the event such as the Compass rose shotgun which is brand new to this event. The solar shotgun will come with random roles and is obtained via farming solstice chests and key fragments. The shotgun itself is very similar to the retold tale which is obtained via the dreaming city. It is unknown how well the shotgun will perform in the current meta but with the aggressive frames being nerfed, you may see the Compass rose rise to the top of the crucible!

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