Beyond Light Campaign Boosting

This season Bungie is going berserk with shocks, one after another. First, they launched an immense amount of exotics, now coming up with a new feature called Beyond Light Campaign. Destiny 2 players are also calling it the season of the hunting campaign.

Destiny 2 players will shake hands with Osiris and Uldren Sov in this campaign because now they have a common enemy, Xiyu Arath. Xiyu is raising an army that is born from darkness. So, the players have to save their world from darkness. This new story is already giving goosebumps to many hardcore players but guesses, who Xiyu? Yes, you are right! She is the sister of Oryx.

In this new story, since the resurrection of the Uldren, every player was desperate to meet him. Now, this is the chance to meet and shake hands with him because he will play a massive role in the war.

Beyond Light Campaign contains this new storyline, but players can also participate in a new activity called Wrathborn Hunts. Currently, Bungie didn’t reveal much about it, but everybody knows they never the community down.


To be a part of the hunting season, players have to wait till Nov 17, 2020. Yes, it’s a whole week, but trust me, it’s worth it. Let’s see what else Bungie will launch to amaze its players.

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