Altars of Summoning Boost guide: Offerings, encounters, and rewards, explained

Donate to Eris in order to bolster her strength.

Destiny 2's Eris Morn is carrying Season of the Witch's seasonal artifact, a Hive totem made of bone and ribbon and glowing green.

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Altars of Summoning carry

Eris Morn is now regarded as the God of Vengeance for the Hive. In Destiny 2: Season of the Witch, it is up to the Guardians to bolster her abilities in preparation for the approaching fight.

In Season of the Witch, one of the most entertaining new activities is called Altars of Summoning. The three-player action gives participants the freedom to play at their own speed and choose their own level of difficulty; in addition, they may earn their choice of many different prizes along the way.


This guide will walk you through all there is to know about Destiny 2’s Season of the Witch’s Altars of Summoning.

Altars of Summoning Recovery in Destiny 2

Ikora and Eris side-by-side, looking at opposite directions.
Eris Morn requires your tithes. Image via Bungie

Altars of Summoning carries


Altars of Summoning is one of the seasonal activities that may be done in Season of the Witch. Savathûn’s Spire is another one of the seasonal activities.

In order to participate in the activity, players need to go to the designated encounter location and present an offering at one of the altars there. You may acquire offerings by completing quests and participating in seasonal events such as Savathûn’s Spire and the Altars.

Altars of Summoning account carry
Altars of Summoning account Recovery

To start an encounter in Altars of Summoning, players can choose which difficulty they want to play at, similar to the Court of Oryx activity in Destiny 1.

Altars of Summoning paid service

At each site of an encounter, there are numerous altars where you may make an offering to pick the level of challenge you want to experience. The greater the level of difficulty, the more dangerous the adversaries that will appear, and the more valuable the possible prizes will be.

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