Adept Mods Boosting


Random adepts mods (We cannot guarantee a specific mod)

Chances at:

Trials Armor
Trials Weapons
Grandmaster Weapons
Ascendant Shards

Adept weapons have returned to destiny 2 from destiny one and with them comes a whole lot of benefits! Adepts are earned through more than just Trials of Osiris however this time. With adepts dropping every season from Grandmaster strikes. They can also drop from alternate versions of raids starting with Vault of Glass, Bungie added Timelost weapons into the adept loot pool. All of these adept weapons can be enhanced via the Adept Mods. These mods range from stat enhancements to gameplay enhancements. Some of the most highly sought after adept mods are “Adept Big ones” and “Adept Icarus grip” both of these mods are the best in their respective game modes. Icarus being a PVP monster and big ones being a huge boost in PvE environments. Both of these mods are enhanced versions of their normal versions allowing for extra benefits such as + range and damage to extra combatants. Get your adept mods today and gain your advantage! trials of osiris carries

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