Adept Hung Jury Boosting

A new season of Destiny begins and Guardian Boost is here to help! Get yourself the brand new, returning Adept Hung Jury coming back in the new Season of the Splicer. The return of the infamous Hung Jury. Arguably the most famous and best Scout rifle to ever grace the Destiny franchise. Everyone who played back in The Taken King era of Destiny one was chasing a god roll version of the dead orbit scout rifle with its fantastic recoil control and damage output being one of the best ad clear weapons in the game, the base version also came with dragonfly perk, back in destiny one making its add clear potential top tier. With its returning with the adept status will allow for hung jury to get enhanced via the adept mods such as Adept Big Ones in PVE and adept Icarus or targeting in PVP. This time it has returned via the Grandmaster nightfall reward system they introduced last season with weapons like Palindrome. Without a doubt, the Hung Jury will rise to the top as one of the best weapons in the game especially when we finally receive the long overdue scout rifle buff which the community has been asking for. Order your Hung Jury boosting today and get yourself one of the upcoming best weapons in the game, whether you want to satisfy that Destiny one nostalgia or experience it for the first time, Guardian boost is here to help! Hung Jury SR4 will be added to the Nightfall loot pool on a weekly basis.

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