Guardian Boost Ban Policy

A Safe Service

Choose Guardian Boost for your Destiny 2 journey with confidence. Our unmatched boosting and coaching services prioritize account safety. With a proven track record, Guardian Boost proudly stands as a service that has never had any bans. Elevate your gameplay securely and trust the experts at Guardian Boost for a ban-free experience in the world of Destiny 2.

Guardian Boost provides services for your Destiny 2 account through both account recovery and carry methods. Due to Bungie’s statement stating that account recoveries could result in an account ban, here is Guardian Boost’s Ban Policy.

All services provided on are to be purchased and used at one’s own risk of their account’s safety from being banned. 
Guardian Boost provides various amounts of efforts to prevent this from happening, but we are not liable in case of a ban resulting. We off account recoveries with a mandatory VPN connection for our professional boosters, which increases your account’s safety a lot. If you fear your account’s safety and do not want to purchase a recovery, we recommend purchasing a carry option. Guardian Boost is trying to make carry options as accessible as possible. Carry services are 100% safe as there is no one logging onto your account. It simply appears as if you were playing with a LFG member of the community. 

In short, we do our absolute best to keep your account safe. Our work is always done by hand unless specifically requested otherwise. We always use a VPN to protect your account when signing on. 



no cheating guardian boost
Never Use Cheats

We guarantee that we only perform our boosts by hand. No cheats are ever used throughout your order which makes our services Battle Eye Proof.

Vetted Team Members

All of our team members are interviewed, investigated into, tested, and contractually signed to never cheat while performing services.

VPN-ZTNA Protection

Our team connects to a physical location near you. This allows us to maximize your privacy and appear to be near you to protect your account from any ban.